a mix for the rest of allison argent’s life because perfect is not seventeen, on the cold ground, in the arms of the first boy she ever loved. (listen)

for prom: follow the sun - xavier rudd for after high school, when she’s alone: strong - london grammar for the people between her sheets in college: problem - natalia kills for scott, the second time: higher love - james vincent mcmorrow for after scott, the second time: something good - alt j for backpacking around europe (the first half): don’t you worry child - swedish house mafia / for backpacking around europe (the second half): when a fire starts to burn - disclosure for the apartment she and lydia share: bad girls - MIA for graduation: spiritus - lisa mitchell for proposing to the first boy she ever loved: how long will i love you - ellie goulding for her first dance: can’t help falling in love - fleet foxes for allison, always: warrior - foxes

The hunter and The banshee.


i hope you get to fuck somebody to an arctic monkeys song

no one lives forever
       but i’ll be remembered

Emma Watson being the most adorable creature on Earth

Selena Gomez x NEO Summer 2014 collection

Allison Argent gif meme → day 1:  moment you fell in love 

Episode 4, Magic Bullet